It’s January 12, 2017. And I wish it were still Christmas.

In recent years I have found myself feeling more Christmas-y after December 25 than before it. It’ll be a few days before Christmas, and I barely feel ready for it to happen at all. On Christmas eve and the day itself, I feel a little more like it. Then come the 26th, 27th, I’m thinking “NOW I want it to be Christmas!” Sometimes I think maybe I should celebrate Orthodox Christmas, but I’m not Orthodox, but then, do I even go to church often enough to call myself Catholic or even a Christian at all? At one point I thought the idea of being a Christian Witch was appealing, but I doubt that most Christians find such witches any more acceptable than other types of witch. And it would be understandable if witches who have distrust of christianity did not feel that use of the word “witch” can automatically makeĀ  christians trustworthy. Mostly I just don’t feel like I belong in much of any organized group, whether it be religious or otherwise, and so maybe it is better if I am just me.

I like Christmas. And Easter. But of course we know there are a lot of very pre-Christian elements to the celebration of both these days. However Christian it is to celebrate the birth or resurrection of Jesus Christ, both celebrations tend to involve elements that predate his birth by some time. Pagan may or may not be the exact correct word, depending on which element, but it is certainly one word we could use for things that are more about nature’s bounty or the cycle of the year than specifically about the life and death of this individual person Jesus of Nazareth.

And I don’t know exactly where I am going with this, but it’s just part of whatever I am thinking about. I am thinking about this, and I am thinking about politics, and the results of the US Presidential election, and the impending inauguration day, and lots of other things. But I decided to write something about Christmas, because I like Christmas. I am interested in politics, but I don’t exactly like it. I like Christmas.