Is the world truly full of liars?

“Everybody lies.”

I hear and read this statement frequently. There is truth to this statement about lying, but I don’t think it is absolutely true. I do believe the majority of people tell intentional lies sometimes- and that some people tell lies very frequently (and not all of them are even politicians!) – but I also am certain people exist who cognitively are either not capable of intentional dishonesty, or else have extreme difficulty being that way. I have difficulty committing outright intentional deception. I can do it- mostly when I feel threatened in some way- but usually I have to tell myself I’m playing a character or a game or something. I also find it difficult to think that a “white lie” is so completely different from other lies. I know it’s meant to be different, yes. But not the same way the general public just seems to automatically get it. (And what exactly is “white” about it anyway?)

Here’s a thing I feel is true about lies:

I believe intent must be present for a lie to be told.

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