Not many Trick or Treaters.

I was honestly surprised by how few kids were out for the official neighborhood trick or treat. It was from 5 to 7 last evening. The weather was amazing. About 70 degrees at the start, still mid 60s by 7. No rain. 

I know some costumes would have been too hot, but so many years  you see kids who have put a jacket on over their costumes and are still shivering. 

Oh sure rain and fog and whistling  winds are more associated with Halloween than sunny bright warmth is. But free candy is free candy regardless of whether there’s wind and rain or sunny blue skies.

Anyway it was pleasant weather to sit out and give the candy out. And you can tell the kids who do show up to take as much as they want. 

Some folks would assume saying such a thing would result in some kid dumping the rest of the bowl into their bag, but the most any individual kid took was six pieces. And it turned out that kid had a younger brother who  came running along moments later who was given half what the big brother picked out. 

So, maybe people really are not as naturally greedy as some think. Or maybe they think it’s a test, and they’ll be on some hidden camera TV program taking 20 pieces and laughed at by the whole country. I suppose kids are aware such a thing could happen today from a much younger age than back when “Candid Camera ” was the only show of that type. 

Either way there is a lot of candy left over. I think some will be going to an office candy dish, some to a few people my mom and I know, and the rest we can handle. Just because it’s not nutritious food doesn’t change the fact it’s edible. And oh yeah, some of it tastes pretty good.