It’s January 12, 2017. And I wish it were still Christmas.

In recent years I have found myself feeling more Christmas-y after December 25 than before it. It’ll be a few days before Christmas, and I barely feel ready for it to happen at all. On Christmas eve and the day itself, I feel a little more like it. Then come the 26th, 27th, I’m thinking “NOW I want it to be Christmas!” Sometimes I think maybe I should celebrate Orthodox Christmas, but I’m not Orthodox, but then, do I even go to church often enough to call myself Catholic or even a Christian at all? At one point I thought the idea of being a Christian Witch was appealing, but I doubt that most Christians find such witches any more acceptable than other types of witch. And it would be understandable if witches who have distrust of christianity did not feel that use of the word “witch” can automatically makeĀ  christians trustworthy. Mostly I just don’t feel like I belong in much of any organized group, whether it be religious or otherwise, and so maybe it is better if I am just me.

I like Christmas. And Easter. But of course we know there are a lot of very pre-Christian elements to the celebration of both these days. However Christian it is to celebrate the birth or resurrection of Jesus Christ, both celebrations tend to involve elements that predate his birth by some time. Pagan may or may not be the exact correct word, depending on which element, but it is certainly one word we could use for things that are more about nature’s bounty or the cycle of the year than specifically about the life and death of this individual person Jesus of Nazareth.

And I don’t know exactly where I am going with this, but it’s just part of whatever I am thinking about. I am thinking about this, and I am thinking about politics, and the results of the US Presidential election, and the impending inauguration day, and lots of other things. But I decided to write something about Christmas, because I like Christmas. I am interested in politics, but I don’t exactly like it. I like Christmas.



Not many Trick or Treaters.

I was honestly surprised by how few kids were out for the official neighborhood trick or treat. It was from 5 to 7 last evening. The weather was amazing. About 70 degrees at the start, still mid 60s by 7. No rain. 

I know some costumes would have been too hot, but so many years  you see kids who have put a jacket on over their costumes and are still shivering. 

Oh sure rain and fog and whistling  winds are more associated with Halloween than sunny bright warmth is. But free candy is free candy regardless of whether there’s wind and rain or sunny blue skies.

Anyway it was pleasant weather to sit out and give the candy out. And you can tell the kids who do show up to take as much as they want. 

Some folks would assume saying such a thing would result in some kid dumping the rest of the bowl into their bag, but the most any individual kid took was six pieces. And it turned out that kid had a younger brother who  came running along moments later who was given half what the big brother picked out. 

So, maybe people really are not as naturally greedy as some think. Or maybe they think it’s a test, and they’ll be on some hidden camera TV program taking 20 pieces and laughed at by the whole country. I suppose kids are aware such a thing could happen today from a much younger age than back when “Candid Camera ” was the only show of that type. 

Either way there is a lot of candy left over. I think some will be going to an office candy dish, some to a few people my mom and I know, and the rest we can handle. Just because it’s not nutritious food doesn’t change the fact it’s edible. And oh yeah, some of it tastes pretty good.

I’m writing a post about writing a post.

I’m writing a post about writing a post to let anyone who might be interested know that I am still alive.

It’s not been a very good couple years. I keep trying to get myself into gear and the gears keep slipping. I think gears do that, anyway.

It’s raining.

It’s October.

More later.


Trying to look up 1950s images I found 1980s nostalgia- Micro Magic!

I was trying to look up 1950’s images of burgers and fries, or hotdogs, or milkshakes, that type of food. This would’ve been the time when my parents were either little kids or young teens, depending on when in the 50’s.

And I came across an image that linked to a blog post a couple years old, making me nostalgic for some junk food from my own youth, in the 1980s. Micro Magic french fries.

I wasn’t much on the burgers, because ewww, soggy buns… or the milkshakes, because, as the writer of the post points out, yeah, basically you’re just melting ice cream. (She liked the burgers, though.)

The blogger is an author named Jennifer Friess, whom I was not previously familiar with. Her blog is called “I’m not stalking you”.

If this is something you are interested in, click that link to the blog. She also has a post about more current items that are like the old 1980s products.

And she also found a Micro Magic Facebook fan page. In 2013 it had 13 likes. Now it’s got 56. Wait… make that 57.

Go ahead and add to that if you like.

Anyway, this is just stuff I found kind of randomly, so, whatever.

Have fun.


Every now and then, if I haven’t written here in a while, I think I should write an entry about how I’m simply writing an entry to let people know I am alive, and, yes- this is that entry. A “just checking in” entry.

Anyway, I’m alive. I’m writing a blog entry.

That’s all for the moment.

Not all that’s on my mind, of course, but all that I can say quickly and easily.

Is the world truly full of liars?

“Everybody lies.”

I hear and read this statement frequently. There is truth to this statement about lying, but I don’t think it is absolutely true. I do believe the majority of people tell intentional lies sometimes- and that some people tell lies very frequently (and not all of them are even politicians!) – but I also am certain people exist who cognitively are either not capable of intentional dishonesty, or else have extreme difficulty being that way. I have difficulty committing outright intentional deception. I can do it- mostly when I feel threatened in some way- but usually I have to tell myself I’m playing a character or a game or something. I also find it difficult to think that a “white lie” is so completely different from other lies. I know it’s meant to be different, yes. But not the same way the general public just seems to automatically get it. (And what exactly is “white” about it anyway?)

Here’s a thing I feel is true about lies:

I believe intent must be present for a lie to be told.

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