It’s the About Me page!

I suppose I should have an about me page.

That’s what people do, right?

I can start off with the stuff about being an artist, loving cats and all that. But what else?

Anyway, I don’t know what the very most important thing to know about me is, but I’m thinking right now about how honest and sincere I want and try to be. I’m sure I’ll mess something up somewhere. Everybody does sometimes. But I definitely think trying is important. Being intentionally dishonest is something very distasteful to me.

I am not neurotypical.

Sometimes I don’t understand as fast that something is not appropriate or whatever but I try to have good manners. I slip sometimes though. I feel bad about it but I can only do so much, because that’s all anyone can do. No one can be perfect.

I alternately get told I’m not taking things seriously, and taking things too seriously.

Some people think I am too nice, and some people think I’m some terrible mean person.

I like books.

I like sci-fi and fantasy. I like mysteries. Sometimes I like romances but mostly only if they are historical or else take place inside fantasy and sci-fi.

I like trees and flowers and nature.

I’ don’t think I’m great at summarizing myself, or talking about my own art, but it’s one of those things I need to try to do sometimes.

I do have an art degree. I don’t think it’s a requirement to be a good artist or makes me a better artist than someone without a degree. I’m not a snob like that. I just really never questioned the way people told me that I had to go to college, and art was absolutely the best way for me to get into a good school.

Things I write wander sometimes.

Some people think I’m childish. Some people think I’m mature, but just in my own way.

Some people think I am smart, some people think I am stupid.

I can try to be “like, whatever” about what other people think of me, but the thing is, you have to consider it sometimes because we live in society with other people, right? Of course we do, unless you go out in the woods or a cave by yourself. And I have too much arthritis, asthma, and other things to go live in the wilderness by myself, so I have to think about how other people think of me sometimes.

All you can do sometimes is try as much as you can to not let people bother you, even if you do have to think about what people think.

And basically, anybody who writes an “about me” does care what at least some of the people out there think of them.

This page is probably one of those things that should be organized better than it is, but honestly, I suppose that tells you something about me, too. 🙂


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