I wonder if this still happens… I bet it does somewhere.

I was thinking about many of the jobs I didn’t get in years past.

On one design art job, at the interview the man who was interviewing me literally told me I was too pretty to sit behind a computer all day. He was an old man and this was the mid 1990’s, but I was still taken aback that he actually said this. He also said I’d get so bored doing this work and indicated I should think about being a receptionist where people would see me. I said no I’d rather be at a computer because it’s what I like- and I’m shy about greeting people and stuff like that. He said I’d surely pick it up easily, as though I were looking for a pep talk on my potential for being a receptionist instead of trying to say, hey! I actually like computer work !

I left before knowing if they had a receptionist type position open or what because I was creeped out by then.

Edit: obviously I know general thinking of women as just their looks still happens… I do wonder though how many men could still be saying a woman is too pretty to sit at a computer given the prevalence of computers everywhere these days, including at the reception desk. That’s what my post title means.


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