Trying to look up 1950s images I found 1980s nostalgia- Micro Magic!

I was trying to look up 1950’s images of burgers and fries, or hotdogs, or milkshakes, that type of food. This would’ve been the time when my parents were either little kids or young teens, depending on when in the 50’s.

And I came across an image that linked to a blog post a couple years old, making me nostalgic for some junk food from my own youth, in the 1980s. Micro Magic french fries.

I wasn’t much on the burgers, because ewww, soggy buns… or the milkshakes, because, as the writer of the post points out, yeah, basically you’re just melting ice cream. (She liked the burgers, though.)

The blogger is an author named Jennifer Friess, whom I was not previously familiar with. Her blog is called “I’m not stalking you”.

If this is something you are interested in, click that link to the blog. She also has a post about more current items that are like the old 1980s products.

And she also found a Micro Magic Facebook fan page. In 2013 it had 13 likes. Now it’s got 56. Wait… make that 57.

Go ahead and add to that if you like.

Anyway, this is just stuff I found kind of randomly, so, whatever.

Have fun.

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