The past; today: Sexuality, how it was and is. Just a few thoughts.

This isn’t a deep analysis.

It’s just thoughts.

Hopefully that’s OK with folks. If it’s not OK, oh well.

I might write a big major analysis someday, but this is not that day!



No matter how open minded a person is, they probably know that some in the general public still speak of sexuality in terms of “normal” and “deviant”.  And I’m not even talking about kink or anything, but just people still calling heterosexuality the norm and anything else not normal.

Well, back in the 80’s and early 90’s, (and definitely before) that was pretty much the only socially acceptable way to speak of sexuality. It wasn’t a way that only folks who are against “all that PC stuff” would refer to it. It was how you would presume, without prior evidence to the contrary, that all your friends, coworkers, fellow students etc thought of it. Even at an art school which is known to have a lot of liberal thinkers. Yes, a sizable amount of folks in that setting made it vocally clear they were what “polite” society termed deviant. But still others did not. If you thought differently, you usually felt very nervous bringing it up for the first time with anyone not in that “out and proud” group.

It is still often assumed that anyone defending the rights of the lgbtq group must belong to it. Like, why would anyone else care? (Like, why be human?)

There are people one can feel safe talking about gay or straight monosexuality with, but nervous bringing up bisexuality, pansexuality or asexuality, and totally won’t feel safe mentioning any trans issues to.

We still have plenty of folks who think they know what your sexuality should be based on your looks.

And some of them act like it’s a crime against humanity for a good looking person to be asexual.

What we would now call gray-asexual (I think. I’m still learning terms myself.) would perhaps have been termed as “low libido” and thus something that needed fixing.

So I guess I am saying for now that some things have changed, but a lot could still use improvement.

And, that’s all the thoughts I can articulate at the moment.

More some other time.



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